American Eagle Gold Bullion, Silver Bullion Coins

The 1985 Bullion Coin Act authorized American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins. They quickly rose to become the world’s most sought-after gold coins. American Eagle Coins were made from USA mined gold. An American Eagle Coin’s value is based on its metal contents’ market price. A small premium is added to cover distribution and coinage. Visit gold for IRA investment before reading this.

American Eagle coins utilize twenty-two karat standards. These standards were established for gold coinage circulation over three hundred years ago. These have the amount stated in pure and small amounts of alloy. This creates harder coins that are resistant to marring and scratching, which can reduce their resale value. The exact standards of minting are met and the front obverse design was inspired by the $20 gold piece commemorating Augustus Saint Gaudens, which was minted from 1907-1933.

Miley Busiek sculpted the reverse design of this masculine Eagle. The eagle can be seen carrying an olive tree branch and flying above a nest containing a feminine eagle as well as her eaglets. American Eagles are one of the few bullion coins that the US Government guarantees to be pure, fair and equal in weight. These coins are safe to buy for investors because you know they contain the exact amount of gold stated.

Savers who plan to stay in business for the long-term can also include these gold coins along with silver bullions in either their individual IRA’s (or their Individual Retirement accounts). Since their discovery five thousand year ago, gold has been highly valued for its inherent beauty, luster and intrinsic values. Gold has a wide appeal today, both as an investment and as a value store.

The primary governments of both silver and gold bullions have their reserves and are internationally recognized as financial and/or monetary assets. All of the gold mined in the world can be fit into a cube that measures twenty by twenty yards. Gold is considered a tangible asset. This means that gold can be held in your hands. The gold bullion coins, which can be bought as legal tender are reasonably priced and easy to buy or store.

Americans buy American Eagle Gold coins more often than any other gold coin. These gold coins are available in 4 different denominations. They were produced by the US Mint of Department of Treasury. We all know that liquidity is an important indicator for investment. The US Government backing up this coin indicates that American Eagle Bullions, just like the US Dollar, are accepted worldwide as investments.

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