Combi Ovens have many advantages

Counter-top steamers usually have a boiler-less design, in which you fill water in a reservoir at the base of the unit rotaryana. This section has its own heater. Steamers with a connection have an inlet water pipe that connects to the main water source of the building. The steamer is more difficult to maintain and clean.

To reduce the amount of cleaning required and to avoid additional maintenance it’s recommended you use only water that has been filtered with an anti-scale inhibitor. Tap water may affect food flavor.

Combi Ovens

The commercial combi-oven uses either steam, convection or both in order to efficiently and quickly cook food. Combi ovens are relatively more costly than conventional ovens but can replace a variety of restaurant equipment, including warming or holding cupboards, fryers steamers and convection traditional ovens.

Combination ovens allow you to make the most of your available space by replacing other kitchen equipment.

Can a Combination Oven support a lot of weight?

The steamers range in size from 1-4 compartments. The one-compartment model can cook up to 200 dishes per hour. Because they are so quick and have multiple options, combi ovens can be very useful in situations where there is a high demand for food.

Tips to Maintain the Performance of Your Commercial Steamer

Use filtered bottled water and a scale inhibitor. The scale inhibitor will remove the minerals in tap water. The steamer will have performance problems and need to be constantly cleaned if minerals accumulate. Different steamer model come equipped with an indicator light which indicates that a buildup must be removed. Unfiltered water may also affect the flavor of your steamed foods.

Preheating steamers is recommended before cooking. Heat up time for steamers is usually 5 minutes. For the best flavour, food should be seasoning after being steamed. To get the best results, when you are working with vegetables use frozen vegetables that have been separated and a perforated tray.

You will be able to save a lot of money in the long run by using steamers, which are more efficient than any other type of commercial cooking equipment.

When you think about the faster cooking time and superior taste, it is easy to see why anyone would want a commercial combo oven.

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