The Recovery From Eyelid Surgical Procedure

Also known as eyelid surgery or Eyelid Surgery Portland. The surrounding muscles and tissues can also be enhanced or altered surgically. You can have eyelid surgeries to either improve functionality or cosmetic reasons.

The upper eyelid and the lower can both be operated on. The upper eyelid might have an excess of skin which can make it droop. This is very uncomfortable and may affect the function of the eyes. It may cause difficulties with driving, reading, or even vision. In this case, the extra tissue is removed and normal eyelid function restored. The upper eyelid can also be operated on for cosmetic reasons. Asians are more likely to opt for this surgery to form a fold in their upper eyelid.

A blepharoplasty procedure is fairly simple. It’s usually done by cutting along the upper and lower eyelid lashes, as well the upper fold. This allows for the removal of excess skin. A lower eyelid that needs to have excess tissue removed can benefit from an internal cut.

It takes between 1 and 3 hours to perform an eyelid operation. In the first few weeks, you may notice some swelling or bruises. These will go away in a couple of weeks. The outcome of this surgery is highly dependent upon the anatomies of the lids, skin condition, age and other factors. These reasons can cause some complications.

A dry eyes syndrome may occur as a result of surgery. Some patients have dryness after surgery. It can be damaging to the eye. A laxity is often seen in the lower lid, causing a lower lid that does not sit properly. A stretched eye appearance can be created by removing too much of the upper lid.

Recovery time is usually between two and four weeks. Following the operation, instructions are provided to patients along with medicines. Also, painkillers will be prescribed. In the initial days, ointments are used to keep the skin lubricated. Patients are advised to apply ice to the area to reduce swelling. Infections or dry eye syndrome can sometimes be treated with eye drops.

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